Who we are

Our history

We are a small team of veterinarians, agronomists as well as former growers from Spain. For the last 20 years or so, we have been helping Spanish farmers to improve field and processing practices. We select growers who follows our own  quality guidelines. In the field, we select the  best products and direct them to markets  that values organic crops, artisan  elaboration, and enjoy unique flavors and tastes.

We are your truffle hunters


  • I have my truffle hunter in field who select for me on farm and it’s coming in 3 b. days
  • I have supply guaranteed all year round
  • I get prestige and exclusivity with crafty truffle products


Freshness + Guarantee of supply

I want to distribute truffles


  • I surprise my customers by offering truffles.
  • Is a natural and healthy product, from organic farming and exquisite flavor.


Confidence + Elegance + Exclusivity

I want truffles in my store


  • I have my truffle hunter in field who select for me in farm and ist’s coming in 3 days
  • If I order online 3 days ahead, I get them always fresh and win points to a gastro tour in Spain


Freshness + Profitability + Rewards

I want truffles in my restaurant

What are the truffles?

Are a condiment, an aromatic Fungus attached to certain quercus roots, in rocky soils with cold weathers. It lives underneath around 10 to 20 cms, in a symbiosis with the microroots where both benefit from each other’s flows of carbohydrates and mineral salts. Usually hunted with dogs.

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Our focus is “Health”

We shall not eat products that are sweetened to make them more palatable, or salted in excess to enhance their flavor, or masked with synthetic aromas. We must abandon the fakes and get back to authentic.


We promote the organic farming, the natural tastes and a healthy lifestyle as a way to overcome the food diseases of the 21st century and the already too common food allergies.

Types of Truffles

Tuber Melanosporum

Perigord or Winter Truffle. The most valued of the blacks due to its intense aroma. Externally black, compact and rough. Internally black furrowed by white veins. Very Scarce.

The Black Diamonds.

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Tuber Uncinatum

Burgundy or Autumn Truffles. Is a black truffle externaly similar to Winter but minor in quality, aroma and therefore Price. Small, rough rocks, diamond-shaped points. Inside, has a veined, coffee-colored flesh. Earthy, hazelnut flavor. Its aroma is stronger than the summer Tuber aestivum, likely because of more time left underground.

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Tuber Aestivum

Or Summer Truffle

Black outside, white internally. Pale grey flesh and white marbling. It has a light woody aroma with flavors of garlic, wild mushroom and earthy hazelnut undertones.

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Tuber Magnatum

Alba or White Truffle

It is the most valued of all, the white truffle of Piemont and Italian Tuscany. Can reach 6.000 USD in the market. The most aromatic of all truffle species, it has an intoxicating perfume, and when fully mature releases penetrating aromas of intensely floral, spices, musk, cheese, with hints of butter and honey.

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Truffle’s Season

September - December

White Truffle

Italy - Romania - Baltic States

November - March

Winter Truffle

Spain - France - Italy

May - August

Summer Truffle

Spain - France - Italy

June - August

Winter Truffle

Australia - Chile

September - December

Autumn Truffle

France - Italy

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As the basis of Mediterranean diet, our selected Extra Virgin Olive Oils could not be anything else than naturally grown, extremely healthy, handmade and certainly uniques.


Our recommendation: 5 of the healthiest EVOO in the world: 4 Spanish “La Solana, Oli, Flor del Moncayo y MO”  and 1 from California, “Cobram.”

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