Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), a “superfood”.

The FAT that is good for you

EVOO contains mainly unsaturated fat which lowers levels of harmful cholesterol (LDL), and raises levels of beneficial cholesterol (HDL).

The Medicinal Juice


2 spoons (50 ml) in your daily diet provide “Oleocanthal” equivalent to 200 mg ibuprofen. Add it to a yoghurt or an natural orange juice, for chronical inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid or arthritis)

The healthiest fat for cooking


Fry with EVOO recovers food with less fat, can be reused 5 times more than others vegetable oils, has a high smoky point, almost 200 ºC / 390º F



Food with polyphenols which have the capacity of donating electrons and neutralize oxidative damage done on cells by free radicals

Tears of EVOO-Flor del Moncayo

Our selected Extra Virgin Olive Oil belongs to the slopes of the Moncayo Mountain in Tarazona, Aragon (Spain).


Organic Farming like 1000 years ago. The dominant wind of the region is the  “Cierzo”. This wind dries the air, making it unhospitable for insects and fungus rendering chemical treatments of olive trees unnecessary. Families gather at the field once a year to hand-pick the olives.


Elaborated like 300 years ago. When the Minister Mendizabal took over Church properties in 1840, the Zueco family bought it with more than 100 years of  continous production. Today Angel Zueco manages the mill with the same equipment than the time of purchase. Five kilograms (11 lb) of olive’s paste is dropped in circular  filters (“capachos”), and one on top of the other up to 100 capachos,  are stacked in the precess. Technically speaking, whatever filters down before being pressed, is called the ”voluntary”( “la voluntaria”) , “tears” or “flower (flor)”


EVOO is composed of 86% of mono and polyunsaturated healthy fat. It also contains 657 mg/kg of  oleocanthal, an anti-inflammatory and  antioxidant. Tears of EVOO probably one of the healthiest EVOOs in the world.
(In the kitchen: cut an ugly tomato, add toasted garlic and tuna and  let  tearing EVOO  texturize this simple salad, . . . enjoy ! )

Truffle Oil

Probably the healthiest in the world

The basis of our truffle oil is our selected “Tears of EVOO”. Natural emanation by its weight before pressing. With a content of Oleocanthal 657 mg /kg (the natural anti-inflammatory molecule).


Our Truffle Oil has 3 different aromas: white truffle, black truffle which is made by us (with winter truffle, artichoke and cabbage), and garlic to extol the truffle’s aroma. To enhance its healthiness  we immerse a head of peeled  garlic in 5 liters of Tears of EVOO during 4 weeks, and flip daily.


Garlic contributes with the antioxidant alicine, a vasodilator, and anticoagulant that may help prevents fatigue and avoiding varicose veins.


In the kitchen: Spray some drops of truffle oil  or place its mousse over fried eggs with potatoes. If you have truffles, scratch a few grams on top, . . .relax and enjoy !