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We work with producers and collectors from all over the world while contributing to generate wealth in rural areas.


The crop

The life of a truffle is closely linked to that of the symbiotic tree with which it exists. The time to first harvest a truffle depends on the associated woody species. In places with jaras bushes it takes from two to three years, from four to five in the hazelnut and up to ten in oaks and holm oaks.

The environment


Truffles need cool and rainy weather. The average temperature of the warmest months is 20º C (68 F) and the average temperature of the coldest months is 2º C (35.6 F). Electric storms have a positive impact on the growing lobes.

Production areas

Truffels prefer rocky and calcareous soils, high altitude and cold climates.

Where it is collected

When the mycelium of the truffle establishes itself and takes over a piece of land, there are obvious symptoms on the surface with the, appearence of the so-called bare (“calveros”) or burnt areas.

Nature and Health – Probiotic

Truffles benefit the tree by contributing phosphorous salts, at their maturation  point, in a similar way they add salts and intestinal equilibrium to humans

From the farm to your table in just 3 business days!

In 2 days since the order is placed, we get the package to land at an airport in the big cities of the USA, on the third day it will depart locally to its final destination. Whether it arrives at the destination the next day (Overnight) or in 2 days (Ground) depends on the cost that the customer wants to pay. Consult us!

Why to choose our truffles?

We are your truffle hunter

Our expertise lies in selecting growers and collectors worldwide who follows good practices:

– It is not the same to get truffles  from the soil to a refrigerator than to the collector’s bag.

– It is not the same to clean the truffles by hand with cold water at 1ºC (34 F) and a handy soft brush, than with a shower with an uncontrolled temperature and a mechanical brush which can partially  destroy the. peel.


We supply you all year round

We go wherever the truffles are. In the Northern hemisphere summer is winter in Australia and Chile where we work with selected truffle growers. When maturity is best we overbuy to freeze some truffles to be able to supply when truffles are naturally out of season.


Fresh truffles, always, if you plan 3 business days in advance.

Many buyers approach the growers during the season; the ones who pay less or big companies tend to get product 4-6 days old. We are  regularly in the field to ensure freshness, and to avoid truffles that show signs of freeze, rot or worms.

Real Farm to table in 3 business  days

From harvest out of the soil-clean and brush by hand-classification cooling shipment-direct flight-customs clearance-review -package in modified atmosphere (soon) courier cool shipment; we manage this complex and sensitive process in 3 business days.


Truffles throughout the year

Truffles in the kitchen

The famous French gourmet writer Brillat -Savarin said of truffles that “they are  kitchen’s diamonds”. In fact, today there is no other product , be food or seasoning, that reaches such gastronomic and market value as truffles. It is quite easy to use in the kitchen accomplishing excellent dishes.

If you slice at the client’s table, do it with an adjustable slicer in wood and stainless steal, at the height of a foodie client

C. D’or Truffles Slicer

It has a removable blade for sharpening and reuse, making it outlast any other slicer currently in the  market. It is the one we recommend.